Warehousing - Delivery

DAILY TRANSPORT (Hellas) on the 1000 m² warehouses as well as the 6000 m² of outdoor space in Aspropyrgos and DAILY TRANSPORT LOGISTICS S.A. (Turkey) on the 580 m2 warehouses as well as the 15000 m2 of outside space available to Istanbul, is able to undertake the storage of all kinds of merchandise in accordance with the constraints dictated by the specific characteristics of the products, the requirements and needs of customers, but also by national and Community legislation in force.

Also, goods arriving from non-Community countries - non-Community - are necessary until their customs clearance and final delivery so that storage is a necessary and very important condition at the various stages of transport.

An important concern of the company was the care for the complete and responsible security of the premises and the storage of your goods. All rooms have modern alarm systems equipped with radar and rays as well as surveillance cameras. Also, all premises are kept for 24 hours by a security guard in close cooperation with the security company.

The second part that follows and complements the storage is the receipt and distribution of goods to and from the warehouse, with modern cars and trained personnel, ensuring the right movement, without delays and postponements.

Managing the effective and timely movement of your goods to market requires an efficient, distribution network. DAILY TRANSPORT can create and manage a warehouse program customized to your specific needs including:

• Domestic and worldwide distribution
• Customs-bonded facilities
• Container loading and unloading
• Sorting, pick-and-pack and shrink wrapping services
• Returned goods management program
• Cross docking services