Article 1: Storage in private or foreign warehouses.
a) Storage takes place at storekeeper's discretion in his or in foreign warehouses (private or public). If the storekeeper (storer) stores in a foreign warehouse, he will give notification in writing of the place and the name of the foreign storekeeper to the depositor or, if the delivery receipt for the stored goods is issued, the above will be stated on the receipt. A unilateral change of the place of storage of goods on the storekeeper's part is not permissible unless such variation is imposed by the circumstances or when the good's safekeeping is better provided for in this way.
b) If the storekeeper has stored the goods in a foreign warehouse, the same conditions, which apply between himself and the foreign storekeeper, will also apply between himself and his principal (assignor). The storekeeper will forward the storage conditions to the assignor, when requested. The depositor has the right to inspect the storage location. Τhe depositor shall directly raise any objections towards the storekeeper regarding his choice of the storage space or storage. The depositor, in the event that he does not enforce his right to inspect the storage location, withdraws his objections against the kind and manner of storage, if the choice of the storage location and the storage were made with diligence of an ordinary storekeeper.


Article 1: Scope of Application.
a) The present General Conditions shall apply to transactions between traders for all operations of the Freight Forwarder pertaining to the conduct of the carriage.
b) The General Conditions prevail over any different local commercial customs and business usage, as well as different legislative provisions and provisions of international conventions, unless the latter are ius cogens.