When moving goods there is always the risk of damage from loss, destruction, theft, collision, overturning and other types of damage, but which can be anticipated with the insurance cover. Something that has become a prerequisite for carrying out transportation and additional service in recent years has become an integral part of the transport itself.

Daily Transport specialists can deal exclusively with your own specialized insurance portfolio, which will have the coverage and support of some of the largest and most secure financial institutions.

Daily Transport believes that insurance coverage gives credibility to transportation and ensures smooth compensation, without any problems and delays, in case of damage. Because we are never sure, better to be assured, this is our philosophy and for that reason we have as a company covered our civil liability vis-à-vis third parties (against our customers) and this is what we recommend to our own clients.

Easily and at low cost, we can also take care of your own insurance policy with trusted insurance organizations that are guaranteed to provide insurance coverage for any kind of transport.

Are you interested in the safe and fast transfer of your products?